8 Study Hacks to Improve your Memory

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We all know that good memory is really important for doing well in exams. However, most of the students are unaware of how to improve their memory. Here are simple tips and tricks for memory enhancement that will definitely help you in exams.

1- Recitation is important


Recitation? Oh yes, you read that right. Recitation is important for improving memory. After you have finished your reading, recite those concepts. When you recite, the brain readily saves the new information which otherwise could be lost just within a second. Research studies show that reading the material loud is effective for improving memory. So, always recite the material to improve your memory but beware do not recite in a crowded place like the library. Instead, you can recite in your room or even bathroom.

2- Mental associations are helpful


Mental associations and mind maps allow connection between ideas. As a result, people can easily retain their learnt information once they have invested time in forming mental associations between several ideas. Along with mental associations, mind maps are also helpful in associating the ideas through visual connections. When you form mental associations, the new information can easily be recalled without any difficulty. Mnemonics are also good for memorization purpose.

3- Pay heed to the art of teaching


When you teach something, the concepts get stronger, and you can get a good grip on the subject matter. Therefore, always teach what you have learnt. Doing so will allow you to remember the things easily as you have practised the material several times. Students must teach their learned material to their brothers/ sisters or friends.

4- Regular breaks are necessary


Regular breaks are necessary to keep you motivated and for sharpening the memory. Always take a break after every 45 minutes as the human brain cannot remember everything if one studies continuously. So, it’s always good to take breaks for 10-15 minutes and then start the next session afterwards.

5- Avoid staying up all night before exam day


When you stay up the whole night before the exam, you do not only get sleepy during the exam, but your concentration level also decreases. As a result, you perform in a poor way. Always take a good sleep before going to the exam or for attending the class so that you can increase your all-day performance.

6- Take online study help


It’s okay to take online help. If you do not understand your class notes, there is nothing to get worried. What can do is hire any online service for better understanding the material. Remember, you can improve your memory when you have command on the subject and the related concepts. So, always take help when you don’t understand what you learned in the class. It’s always good to take help whenever you feel down.

7- Search via Google Like a PrO


You must search Google like a pro for improving your memory. Searching Google like a pro will not only be beneficial for your memory, but you can also save your precious time.

8- Take a walk


Daily exercise is necessary to keep you motivated throughout the day. However, it is specifically important to take a walk before going to the exam. Exercise can really boost up your memory, and as a result, you can increase your study performance. Recent research by Dr Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois shows that exercising 20 minutes before the exam can really improve students’ performance. So, why not to take a walk before your exam and perform better?

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Studying in the US is a dream of many students who apply from different regions of the world. Those who get selected have to compete against students from multiple backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. Though America offers a modernized academic life to its students along with arranging extra-curricular activities for them, the truth is that it is more than just celebrating parties, like the Halloween or the New Year Party. This article will serve as an ideal guide to the modern academic life in the US and will enlighten you regarding how to lead a successful student life in the US. As a result, international students will find themselves at ease when they fly over to America for their higher studies. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s then explore different aspects of the academic life in the US.

  • Study hard and be prepared for a tough competition

Yes, you read that right! Studying in America is quite demanding as the standards set by the schools and colleges are significantly high. As a result, students who come to the US have to study hard to compete well with other students. As a student in America, you have to study in a way that stands you out from the rest of the crowd. Sounds scary, right? Yes, this artifact is true but that does not mean that you cannot succeed. You only need to focus on whatever you are studying i.e. study with all your heart. Make a proper timetable for the daily tasks, grasp the concepts, make a focused study and you are all set to go.

  • You will meet students from different backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities

The US has been catering a large number of international students and is ranked No.1 as a host country. Oh yes, here you will find students from different parts of the world. Most notably are the students coming from India, China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Canada, making up 60% of the international student population in the US. So, when you take admission in the US, you will be meeting students from multiple backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities and you will be surprised to get a whole new diversity in your college. The notable US universities who cater to the needs of international students include:

  • Lynn University (Florida)
  • the New School (New York City)
  • University of Tulsa (Oklahoma)
  • Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) and
  • Florida Institute of Technology

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  • Options for student housing

For international students, it is quite feasible to live inside the university campus. Many students strive hard to live in college dormitories i.e. the dorms, due to rising expenditures on living in a private area. However, if students are unable to get a place at the college dorms, they have other housing options, like to occupy a private place near different colleges or to get a purpose-built house. In recent years, it is seen that almost half of the students of US live with their families due to costly study and living expenditures.

  • Embrace the diversity

Studying in the US is full of diversity and you need to remember that good competition is healthy for survival. Moreover, you must respect differences to get adept in the large group of international students. Getting adapt with the social environment is not a herculean task. Oh yes, you can do it with ease. You should not provoke people on account of their nationalities, ethnicities and cultural diversities. Differences must be set aside and learning and sharing of knowledge should be given the prime importance. Embrace the differences!

  • Role of religion in AmericaReligion_1535454759.png

The students of US mostly belong to Christian or secular lifestyle. However, it does not mean that religious places of worship can’t be found. The US still offers certain places of worship, for instance, temples for the Hindu or Buddhist students, mosques for the Muslims and synagogues for the Jewish students, respectively. However, differences set apart, many universities in the US offer full religious respect to students who come from different parts of the world. Yale’s Marquand Chapel is an ideal place to provide religious harmony to the international students. Moreover, here students can practice their religion with zeal and enthusiasm.

  • Colleges in America: Hub of activitiesAmerican colleges are a melting pot of social diversity_1535454805 (1).png

Wherever you are studying in the US, the colleges offer a great platform for a different set of activities. Colleges also impact certain local industries positively. As a result, they can make huge profits by opening up restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. Apart from study, students also recreate themselves by visiting these shops with their friends for a hang out after the classes. Therefore, the colleges in America are considered the hub of different activities that are carried out throughout the year and significantly impact the local industries when students are on their semester break.

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  • Fraternities and Sororities still exist

It is interesting to note that fraternities and sororities still exist in the US. The fraternities and sororities are the social organizations that aim to uplift the society and the local community. They offer charitable projects and make a positive contribution to the society. These social organizations are formed at many colleges and schools in the US and have an ancient Greek tradition when it was founded in the year 1776. You will be surprised to know that the founders of Instagram met at Stanford University’s Sigma Nu: where they started networking by following the old way.

  • It’s okay to find assistance in the US

Support and assistance play a significant role in our lives and we must avail it if we come across them. As America focuses on individualism, so the US students get well adapted to the upcoming circumstances in their place without getting any support. But as an international student, especially if you come from collectivistic culture, you must be searching for a support system to keep you motivated. So, while living in the US, you can find guidance from the student services, elder roommates or faculty offices.

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