100 Innovative Topics for Writing Research Papers in 2018.

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When it comes to choosing a topic for writing a research paper, many people find it an arduous task, especially at the start. Sounds scary, right? Yes, starting is somewhat difficult, but this does not mean that you cannot find ease in doing that. This article will deliberate on the most useful and intriguing topics which you can research in 2018. Moreover, there are certain tips and tricks to make the research phase intriguing and engaging.

  • Picking up the topic:

Yes, this phase is vital for success in conducting research. Always pick up a topic that interests you. It’s okay to take help from certain academicians but do what your heart says. If you pick up a topic that is not of your interest, you will lose the motivation for writing a research paper. Resultantly, you will just do it to pass the degree or a certain course. But if you pick up a topic that interests you, believe me, you will enjoy the research phase.

  • Consider all the aspects

After you select a research topic, the next phase is to consider other aspects of research so that you can work wholeheartedly. Yes, you must consider your target population for data collection. Think about:

  • The feasibility of the research
  • Would data be easy to collect from the target population?
  • Do you need to learn the data analysis or you already know about it?
  • How are you going to collect the data? Which method will you adopt?
  • In how much time will you collect literature data?
  • From where you will find the plagiarism report and so!

These points are vital to consider before writing a research paper. You must question yourself about all the said questions. Once you become clear, it would be quite easy to pass the next phases. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s explore 100 innovative topics in different fields to conduct your research in 2018.

Topics for Educational Research

  • Bullies and their management: how to deal with them?
  • Technological roles in planning the lessons
  • Relationships between schools and social networking
  • Impacts of latest teaching methods on learning
  • Do standardized tests have a role in educational improvements?
  • Should education be low-cost without compromising on its quality?
  • Role of Metal detectors in schools and colleges
  • Are college graduates wealthier than their learned counterparts?
  • Learning methods for visually-impaired children: challenges and opportunities
  • Impacts of technological advancement on teaching and learning

Topics for Psychological Research

  • Child violence and its management
  • Impacts of depression on the immune system
  • Effects of classical music on brain functioning
  • Eustress Vs. Distress: Effects and detriments for health
  • Impacts of insomnia on health and wellbeing of people
  • The reality of Autism: Disease vs Development peculiarity
  • Mental breakdown: Management and Challenges
  • How behavioral patterns are shaped and developed over time?
  • Do intellectually gifted people exist in today’s world? How to identify them?
  • Influence of bad dreams on our mood

Innovative Topics for Research on Culture

  • Impacts of pop culture on youth in the modern world.
  • Culture change in the Victorian period: rationales and outcomes
  • How to understand the events of history with contemporary approaches?
  • What are the roots of anti-Semitism?
  • How racial discrimination came into being?
  • Pregnant celebrities and their exposing on magazine covers: trends and outcomes
  • How modern art is affected by contemporary commercials?
  • How to reveal cultural revolutions through the lens of history?
  • Importance of Greek Culture for the Mediterranean World.
  • A reflection on the cultural achievements of the 20th century and their societal outcomes.

Important topics for business research

  • Can we do business without money?
  • The utility of market research before starting a business.
  • How great businesses came into being?
  • Effects of climate change on the business environment.
  • Strategies for a successful business.
  • How to be a great businessman?
  • Women entrepreneurship and their family life.
  • Effective traits of great businessmen
  • Effects of migration on the expansion of a business.
  • Role of international business on sustainable development

Innovative topics for Math field

  • Algorithms: their influence and utility
  • The world’s most confusing problems ever.
  • Does algebra is of use in everyday life?
  • Correlational analysis between math and music.
  • Why is ‘x’ still unknown to us?
  • Is the brain of genius people mathematical in nature?
  • Relation of math and intellectual capacity.
  • How McDonald’s math problem can be effectively solved?
  • Evolution of math in today’s world: A reflection from the past.
  • Why do people consider math a difficult subject?

Research Topics for Political Science

  • How to stop ethnic killings?
  • Does socialism exist in the real world?
  • The world without war phenomenon
  • How workforce reduction can be avoided?
  • Can we allow the death penalty?
  • How to promote peace between Palestine and Israel?
  • Should adults be allowed to carry concealed handguns?
  • Why drinking age should be lowered?
  • Role of international community in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons?
  • How to enact more laws on gun control?

Research Topics on Medicine-related Issues

  • The utility of Cow milk from the health point of view.
  • How effective is the placebo treatment?
  • Role of obesity in disrupting health.
  • How animal testing can be avoided?
  • How effective is the role of vaccines for kids?
  • Life-sustaining therapy: its uses and requirements
  • Medical marijuana: advantages and disadvantages
  • Usefulness of vegetables for children’s health
  • A correlational analysis of intelligence and drug addicts
  • Is repeated use of antibiotics detrimental for health?

Research Topics for Environmental Sciences

  • How the effects of global warming can be reduced?
  • The dangers of GMO food.
  • The hazards of nuclear power for humans
  • Impacts of earthquakes on the social environment
  • How can we save trees?
  • How humans are impacting the forest area?
  • How to manage overpopulation?
  • Can hurricanes be predicted?
  • The effects of indoor air pollution
  • How to manage garbage and waste in your area?

Research Paper Topics on Sports and Entertainment.

  • The utility of social networks for our society
  • Should women be allowed to play sports?
  • The wave of gender equality in Sports and Entertainment Industry
  • How to promote media ethics?
  • The link of social media with depression
  • Violent games and their impacts on children
  • Why some media programs should be banned?
  • The utility of newspapers Vs. Social Media
  • Can women compete with men in sports?
  • How sports influence youth behavior?

Useful Research Areas for Technological Sciences

  • Women drivers and the use of automatic cars
  • The uses of light treatment for cancer
  • Can we settle on Mars in the near future?
  • Can human lifespan be increased through Nanomedicine?
  • Artificial intelligence: Future Prospects
  • Will Robots replace humans in the near future?
  • The future prospects of cryogenics
  • Can fossil fuels be replaced by alternative energy sources?
  • How to avoid internet scams by promoting PayPal?
  • How to identify cybercriminals?

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